In many cardiovascular diseases symptoms occur and disappear suddenly. In such cases making an accurate diagnosis requires longer hospitalization, which is both inconvenient and costly.
PocketECG empowers the patient to live the normal daily life while being constantly monitored. All anomalies are analyzed and occurrences of sudden heart rhythm disturbances are immediately transmitted to the physician.
Symptoms such as chest pain, dizziness or palpitation will be transmitted as an ECG data stream
and will help specialists identify the underlying source of the problem and suggest the best therapy.
PocketECG provides a very effective tool in explaining the causes of syncope that may be of cardiovascular origin.
Many cardiac conditions cannot be diagnosed based on a single ECG test or by using standard diagnostic methods of arrhythmia detection. By enabling continuous monitoring of heart rhythm and a patient's physical activity over many days or weeks, PocketECG makes precise diagnosis possible in many previously undiagnosed cases.
As an unobtrusive but constant companion for the patient, PocketECG helps identify asymptomatic arrhythmias and those occurring while the patient sleeps.
The device’s interactivity and its touch screen enable the patient to directly provide information about the type of symptoms while experiencing them.
Also syncope without a determined cause, paroxysmal palpitation and other sudden symptoms are always reflected in the complete ECG recording.
Ongoing transmission of the continuous ECG facilitates searching for any ECG fragment using standard Internet browsers. Such information enables identification of the onset of arrhythmia, often preceding the first symptom by many hours or even days.
Such data are then correlated with the ECG recording and a patient’s physical activity monitored automatically using a built-in accelerometer. All these data can be accessed by the physician in real time.
One of the key benefits of using PocketECG as a classical Holter is its flexibility in prolonging the monitoring session depending on systematically generated results, for instance when the expected symptoms or arrhythmias have not occurred. This option makes the diagnostic session last precisely as long as needed - instead of being limited to 24 or 48 hours artificially.
The PocketECG device was designed to provide physicians with complex support in planning anti‑arrhythmic therapy. Specifically, it enables physicians to control the most significant parameters of a patient’s heart rhythm disturbances.
The system allows detailed diagnosis of atrial fibrillation with single heartbeat accuracy, which is important to precisely evaluate the efficacy of ablation. The high resolution of the signal also enables constant updates of accurate “rate and rhythm” analysis, which is invaluable in a pharmacotherapy of arrhythmia and in determining the recommended dosage of medications while observing their impact on the patient’s heart rhythm.
The high resolution of the signal also enables constant updates of accurate “rate and rhythm” analysis, which is invaluable in a pharmacotherapy of arrhythmia
and in determining the recommended dosage of medications while observing their impact on the patient’s heart rhythm.
Identifying the morphology of each heart beat helps to analyze the frequency of ventricular and atrial ectopic beats occurrences. It also helps detect ventricular and supraventricular tachycardias and complex arrhythmias such as ventricular and supraventricular bigeminy and trigeminy.
Such detailed analysis enables the conduction of a reliable Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis and ongoing monitoring of HRV changes.
Equipped with an accelerometer, PocketECG enables ongoing analysis of the correlation between arrhythmia and a patient’s physical activity.
This in turn allows physicians to determine the impact of the patient’s physical activity on the occurrence of different types of arrhythmia
and to evaluate the occurrence of arrhythmia during physical effort and in the “exercise recovery phase”.
PocketECG is an effective tool for the evaluation of the cardiac safety of drugs through TQT studies. It has been designed to provide constant access to high resolution data gathered simultaneously from many centers in real time. Its multimedia interface helps gather IVR information while the easy to use and customizable touch screen helps obtain additional ePro information from the patient.
Our patient monitoring system used by patients waiting for surgery or on post-surgery observation increases the quality of service and patients’ safety while reducing the cost of treatment. PocketECG facilitates efficient management of available hospital beds making it possible to discharge patients earlier while extending their outpatient post-surgery observation. Such a solution allows hospitals to serve more patients while at the same time increasing the quality and safety of patient care.
Ongoing monitoring of patient’s physical activity makes it possible to monitor changes in the heart’s reactions to increased effort. Precise analysis of the morphology of each heartbeat facilitates monitoring of Heart Rate Variability dynamics, which makes it possible to predict potential hospital readmission of heart failure patients and at the same time avoid “unnecessary readmissions”.


PocketECG is the most technologically advanced remote arrhythmia monitoring system available today. It is the only technology to combine the accuracy of full Holter analysis and the interactivity of hospital telemetry at a patient’s home.

In cooperation with partner companies, Medicalgorithmics is expanding its presence on the world markets. Together with our strategic partners in the United States, Spectocor, Inc and Medi-Lynx Cardiac Monitoring LLC, we have created an attractive cooperation model that has turned into a great business success for both companies.

Medicalgorithmics is interested in partnering with companies with excellent sales expertise and strong market presence in electrophysiology, cardiology or medical field. We provide our partners with full hardware, software, programming and IT infrastructure support as well as financial and technical business development assistance. Together with our partners we work to maximize the effectiveness of cardiac care in both: well developed as well as developing healthcare markets.
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PocketECG is the most algorithmically advanced solution that integrates the latest software, hardware and telecommunication technologies in one system. PocketECG is the only technology to combine the accuracy of full Holter analysis and the interactivity of hospital telemetry at a patient’s home!
In cooperation with our partner companies, we are expanding our presence on the world’s markets of cardiovascular monitoring, arrhythmia diagnostics, post- and pre-surgery monitoring, step-down care monitoring, cardiac rehabilitation, and Cardiac Safety. PocketECG is an effective tool for preventing unnecessary readmissions of Congestive Heart Failure patients.


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